For GSquare weeping tile is actually a porous drain pipe that is used for underground water collection, or underground water drainage. We have the capability to ensure weeping tile is firmly located beside the footing on a foundation wall. There are times where existing weeping tile may need to be replaced. This can occur when old-style clay weeping tile becomes dysfunctional or new style plastic weeping tile gets clogged with sediment or tree roots. There are various types of weeping tile and requirements for safe Window Wells Installation Calgary. GSquare weeping tile installation and repair professionals provide quality service upon identification of requirement:

  • Weeping tile may be needed if the house was built prior to Building Code requiring it.
  • Existing weeping tile may need replacement in case of symptoms of groundwater intrusion at the footing wall joint or from under the floor slab.
  • Inspection of existing weeping tile helps identify issues like sediment buildup, tree roots or weeping tile collapse.

The aggregate rocks prevent excessive soil from falling through the slits into the weeping tile.