GSquare has proven methodology to ensure the buildings and the structures are water-resistant or impervious to the ingress of water. The company prevents water from penetrating buildings and helps to keep the interior areas dry resulting in reduced humidity inside the building, safeguarding structural integrity of building, prevention of mold or decay, prevention from rusting or wood decay, and prevention from seepage or dampness thereby increasing overall property value.

Following are Waterproofing Methods and Techniques Used:

Brick Bat Coba Method: GSquare has the capability to develop water-proof roof slabs providing leak-proof environment to the interiors of the building. This method requires a roof surface slope for quick drainage and sealing of all cracks and joints.

Water-proofing Membranes: The experts lay a water-proof membrane, a thin layer of water tight material, over the surface to achieve desired result. Laying membrane over a filler material on flat roofed terrace ensures water drainage as required.

Sheet Based Membranes: These come in the form of rolls and are laid on a firm surface. GSquare uses the best available bituminous waterproofing membrane for the customers.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes: GSquare experts are capable in managing such membranes that are a form of liquid to be sprayed or brushed on the surface forming monolithic membrane without any laps, welds or seams.

Polyurethane Waterproofing Treatment: The workforce manages polyurethane made of two components, base and reactor. The resulting design ration of the combination creates a liquid coating for waterproof applications that is also easy to install.

Waterstops and Waterproofing: Our skilled workforce is expert in firming up concrete joints liable to seepage ensuring joints are designed as fluid diaphragm embedded in or running along the joints for a foolproof solution in addition to ensuring Waterproofing using commonly used products that include Hydralastic 836, Mel-Dek, Mel-Rol, Precon, Mel-Prime, Protection Course, or Perminator.