GSquare Construction provides clients with stone slinger services across Calgary. We deliver and place your aggregates in a timely manner, reducing costs and improving job site efficiency.
Our slinger has a conveyor system to deliver and place a variety of products (dirt, stone, sand, gravel, limestone, topsoil) precisely where you need it. The slinger makes the job of placing drainage.

stone inside and outside a foundation easier and quicker.

GSquare’s stone slinger makes it easier to reach hard to get spots with less environmental impact like lower compaction and no damage to surrounding landscape. The slinger has the ability to sling product up to 80′ from the truck or as desired for task completion. We put hit hi-tech machinery to use where there is high level of accuracy required like in creating recreation centers, golf courses, and ball parks. We put this machine to use as it requires fewer laborers to transfer material as the stone linger moves material itself. In case you wish to leverage this machinery be ready to reach out to GSquare and the expert team available to ensure robust and timely construction or repair and avail the following benefits:

There are many more advantages to using our stone slinger service, including:

  • Good quality conveyor system to deliver and place a variety of products (stone, gravel, sand, topsoil and mulch).
  • Easy and quick way of placing drainage stone inside and outside a foundation.
  • Eliminating the need for shovels, wheelbarrows and extra man hours.
  • Using slingers that can be radio remote controlled helping in placement of products in hard to reach or hidden areas.
  • Availing services for both commercial and residential customers.
  • Ease of Central dispatch and monitoring using latest GPS technology