The natural properties of basement living space differ significantly in comparison to the main floor living area space. Basement floors are made of concrete and water vapor penetrates through the porous cement slab and walls, permeating the environment with dampness, moisture, and humidity. Basement floor heating systems are designed to heat a concrete slab, using it to conduct heat that is absorbed by the basement surroundings. We provide Custom Staircase Design Calgary as well. With a basement floor heating system, the floors will remain warm and dry, along with maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the entire basement.
Following are some of the benefits of going for heated basement floors:

  • Affordable– Offers energy costs savings with costs of installment being very affordable to an average homeowner.
  • Hygienic and Safe– Eliminates drafts and circulation of common indoor pollutants through the air such as, blowing dust, dirt, and allergens. Reduces amount of outdoor pollutants through the conservation of fossil fuels.
  • Safe for Environment – Creates fewer greenhouse gases and can be assisted by the cleanest and most renewable energy source including improved solar energy technology.
  • Silent– Creates no noise, also is free of popping duct work, and pinging pipes of traditional convective systems.
  • Enhances Living Space– Encourages you to live in and enjoy the previously cold and damp basement with consistent warmth with no cold or hot cycles and lower relative humidity.
  • Fruitful Investment– Increases long-term energy cost savings and greater interest in your home to potential buyers.

Basement floor heating systems are installed under the subfloor and are a popular option and this type is widely utilized for retrofits because installation is less costly and affordable.