GSquare offers expert services to build long-lasting and durable concrete driveways. We also provide Concrete custom walls Calgary. It follows the basic construction guidelines to achieve objectives. The quality of workmanship and the materials used for the construction are of importance to us for constructing concrete driveway.

Following steps are followed to ensure driveway of maximum longevity and durability.

Subgrade Preparation – For long-lasting driveway it is important to prepare proper subgrade to ensure proper support of the loads over the driveway. The subgrade needs to be evenly compacted to create a thick concrete driveway. It helps in Prevention of cracks in slabs Achieving uniform slab thickness.

Correctly Placed Joints – Joints are placed in concrete to help prevent cracking. They can be incorporated into patterns and designs to make it inconspicuous with important consideration of having them in the driveway. Proper spacing needs to be followed for the joint placement.

Placement of Reinforcement – A proper concrete driveway needs to be reinforced with either wire mesh, or steel bars being placed in a grid pattern. The reinforcement needs to be placed on blocks to keep it in the center of the concrete. Now popularly used synthetic fibers are also put to use.

Proper Drainage – To eliminate standing water or formation of water pools, the concrete driveways need to slope as required for proper drainage and water outflow. Following steps are taken:

  • Sloping the concrete driveways towards the streets is undertaken. The side facing the existing structures is kept at high altitude.
  • Installing a drain at a low point of the concrete driveway to divert the water.

Concrete Placement

The structural capacity of the concrete driveway is greatly influenced by the thickness implemented and GSquare ensures meeting requirements of minimum thickness recommended for a concrete driveway. Thickness of 4 to 5 inches increases the structural capacity by 50% which is decided based on the specifications and requirements of the driveway.

Adequate Curing

Curing is as important as all other steps mentioned above. Once the finishing is completed, the surface is cured immediately. Curing is performed by: Continuous Sprinkling, Liquid Membranes, Covering with Plastic sheets, and Covering with wet blankets